13 Oct 2007

With thanks to Gerhi

Lily can be a name on its own, but my actual name is now Vivelle, thanks to the nano forum.

I do not know my father. The name Lily was given to me by my mother. I call myself Vivelle when I am being provocative, when I want to escape from myself for a little while, or when I first meet people, to be different. I am called Vivelle by my mother when she is being manipulative and by Max when he is scared.

I do need a surname. What can my surname be?


Gerhi Janse van Vuuren said...

Try not to think of a sitcom.

What about Vivelle Rosario?

I like the idea that Vivelle and Lily is related but not really. It gives her two distinct identities rather than just two levels of the same identity.

Anonymous said...

Vivelle is a great name, and I like that Lily is derived from it - very original. As to the surname, what is her cultural background? I think having an idea of where her family comes from would help you pick out the perfect one.

tickyhead said...


Go nuts.

Ordinaryvanity said...

I'm fond of Pickford lately as a surname.

FPDuck said...

When it comes to names I use Kate Monk's Onomastikon- http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/

Other than that, I can't be much help. It takes me days to flesh out a character. Interesting way of doing it though! It most certainly won't be futile, because it'll be like a group session... multiplying creative power! It's definitely brave, that you can be sure of.