14 Oct 2007

We are now named

I am now called Vivelle Alders (Lily). My mother Ruby is 74, an ex high class prostitute, and my siblings Claudia and Sebastian are somewhat older than me. My boyfriend is Max Davies (thanks poll people!) and he is alcoholic. This stems from the death of a playmate at a young age, for which Max feels guilty. His mother Rebecca is a perfect mother, except for her hidden problem...which Max also feels guilty about.

Next question: What is Rebecca´s hidden problem?
Next poll: What is Lily´s profession?


beckoir said...

Does lily know that her mum used to be a prostitute??
Does she know who her dad is/was or was he one of her mother's clients?
(sorry if you have already answered these)

Anonymous said...

I think that Rebecca is having liver failure. She donated part of her liver to her son, because of his ongoing alcoholism. She is having trouble finding a match

kaypasa said...

You might research "adult children of alcoholics" and "codependency". Both topics have kind of fallen out of fashion in self-help circles (doesn't mean they're invalid... just stale), but they provide lots of possibilities for developing characters of this type.

It might not have been things Max saw that set him down that path, but the necessity of having to take on adult responsibilities at a young age. Maybe because of the hours his mother kept, he had to take care of his own meals, and getting to school on time. Maybe he felt compelled to do well in school to make up for his mother's faults. Maybe he had trouble with friends at school, maybe someone found out about her and he was humiliated..and he never really learned to trust or bond with other people. Just thinkin'