9 Mar 2008

Why I´m not using the word fuck for my opening word

Some excellent thoughts from The Book Doctor herself:

"Taking the 1st sentences out of context I agree that the dialogue opener looks strong. But in the context of the entire first paragraph - which was the context in which I read the 2 comparisons - I was instantly drawn to 'Max was blind drunk and angry.'

3 reasons. Firstly, Elizabeth has quite a descriptive style and so the short, sharp sentence contrasts with the rest of the paragraph. Secondly, it stands out without trying to stand out. And thirdly I feel that opening sentences should mirror some of the content of the book. A huge part of the novel is Max's alcoholism, by getting this into the opening sentence, his character is set up immediately.

So for me, I find it difficult to grade an opening sentence if I can't see what follows."


OK - so i know better than to just follow blindly what one person says but the reasoning is exactly as my own. I could make an impact with the word fuck opening my novel - but if it creates less impact - why bother, right?