30 Jan 2008

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Together Max and the kitten went back to the bedroom. He hauled off his shoes, tugging at the laces and then finally scooping one shoe off using the toes of his other for leverage. The prize gift was deposited on the floor and Max kissed his finger, and then pressed it to the creature’s head. The alcohol filled him too much now, giving him heart burn and earth shattering belches that erupted with precision timing and made the kitten shake.

“Time for a piss.”

A sound like a distant car door slamming ricocheted through the emptiness. Max cocked his ear, and stayed still for a moment.

“Is that you, Lily?”

The thick black blanket of stairwell and corridor was filled with his voice. Max groped the bathroom door handle and shoved it, relieving himself a little in the wrong direction firstly, and then with his eyes closed he swayed to the tune of his own piss splattering the floor. He heaved an appreciative sigh, shook, zipped up and started back towards the emptiness. It was then that he found her.

“Fuck” he screamed, almost too loud to be heard. “Fuck”

The curdled tones echoed throughout the flat. His hands clutched his hair and again he screamed. The tiny kitten crawled under the bed and lay down, trembling.

poll results - what ruins a book for you?

The voting has closed and there were 23 votes. Apparently, what ruins a book for you is overly complicated language, a weak ending and a lack of suspense; so i´ll be ditching the thesaurus (well, not quite!) and making sure the plot thickens and the twist and turns are in abundance.

In addition, the most popular name for the book keeps coming up as Tasting Freedom and Moribund...the original title of Chastise and Compromise is a slow runner - a bit of a lame donkey in fact. But I was playing with the idea that "Moribund?" is better as a question, rather than just plain old "Moribund". The poll opens again...

And in terms of book length, you´re an avid lot. A book is not a book if its not at least 150 pages long. Looks like the length is hitting the correct target!

18 Jan 2008

break from novel - redraft in february - until then...

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