23 Oct 2007

How do i move forward?

I am feeling nervous. I been running my small catering business for some time. Now its time to get moving further forward. I currently provide catering for parties in the village and the city, lunches in the city (delivered by mike, a local man of 65 who is gruff but good hearted and soon to be widowed) How would I research the expansion?Who else could my clients be in a small seaside village? How do I move forward?

Don't let me stagnate before i've even come to life...


plantagent said...

Word of mouth. (if people like the food they will tell their friends)
Ask how you like the food.
Locals who work the boats?
Other candidates could be tourists on holiday.

kissmedeadly said...

picnics for people...tourists

My perfect picnic would be on a secluded beach, right before nightfall. I love being by the water when it's dark. The ocean looks like glass.

We would eat fresh fruits (strawberries, honeydew melon, orance slices) and drink sparkling apple juice.