18 Oct 2007

my brother and sister

My brother Sebastian is about to turn 50 and my sister Claudia is 45. I was an unexpected late child, and neither of us know anything about our parentage except that we each have a different father. We are very mismatched due to the generation gap, and also there is some jealousy involved on all sides. Here is another question:

Am I close to either or both siblings?


tayrak said...

If she's having problems with her boyfriend's drinking I'm thinking she wouldn't be drinking herself, otherwise she might just join him.

Maybe have the older brother and sister be very close, 5 years, at their age now, would likely bind them closer together??? Have her maybe be jealous of their closeness, yearning for the same which is why she stays close to the bf, even if he is a jerk sometimes. She could be much younger of course, which is what keeps them apart or; they know a secret about her father and that is why they hate her....maybe he is some famous, or rich dude, they could even be hiding the fact that he is trying to find her.

graceie said...

With all of your father issues, Lily, I'm surprised that you don't look up to your older brother as a father figure, especially since he wasn't around much. Was he a good brother to you?