12 Oct 2007

Kylia´s interview

Kylia: Tell me, why does Max drink? What is he running from? What is he afraid of?

Lily: Max drinks because it is his coping mechanism. He has seen it in his family. It has been his life for a long time, undetected. He is the original party king. He equates this with friendship. Max drinks even when he doesn’t want to. He is intelligent, and so this causes him even more distress. He is trapped in a cycle. He is running away from himself. He is afraid of himself, and of people not liking him the way that he doesnt like himself. Sometimes he is running away from me.

Kylia: Tell me what makes Lily so self-sacrificing, so willing to be there for someone who is never there for her?

Lily: I am not self sacrificing. I have an alcoholic mother (Ann) , sister (???) and brother (Ben) so I guess I´m less sensitive to the condition. I am intelligent, and understand Max.

Max is gentle, loving and kind. He is not thoughtful, or perhaps I could say too thoughtful! He thinks about stuff too much then almost believes his thoughts have come true, whilst the rest of the world is oblivious.

Max is the nicest person I’ve ever met and it’s his inherent need to do good that usually causes the hurt; his own lack of self worth, and sense of disappointing others (which he then does and the spiral continues).

Kylia: Tell me why they love each other, how they love each other?

Lily: We love each other because we understand each other. We do so very deeply and passionately. This means huge rows, great sex, lots of laughter and lots of noise. Our relationship has huge upturns and downturns which they both require. It’s a kind of twisted stability; out of order comes chaos...

Kylia: Does Lily cry at night when Max doesn't show up? Where does Max go when he wants to get away?

Lily: I cry, or I read book, or listen to Beethoven (thanks to anonymous, blog post 1). I paint, or get petulant and go meet friends and have a good time, but in the back of my mind I worry. Sometimes I just sleep. Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is not. It is often just a fact.

Max goes to bars where no one knows him. Max loses himself in the internet. Max eats lots. Max surrounds himself with friends. Max goes for long walks. Sometimes, I don’t know where Max goes, and neither does he.


Gerhi Janse van Vuuren said...

Doesn't Lily need a surname too?

Lily by itself is also a name that is not a name. It is short for something like Elizabeth. Did her father give her the name Lily? Why does she continue to use it?
Is there instances where she is not Lily but rather Elizabeth (or whatever). Does this in any way relate to her or her father?

from nano forum said...

character suggestion:

Vivelle Johnson: Elderly woman that used to be a high-class whore in her youth (not a street prostitute, I was imagining more of a brothel entertainer). Her friends are all younger - in their 20's and 30's - because she finds it hard to relate to conservative women her own age. She's unconventional, strong-willed and feisty, but embraces the fact that she's a woman, and knows how to use her feminine wiles.

from nano forum said...

character suggestion:

Orange-hat man: He always wears an orange hat. Always. And more often than not, he wears an orange shirt. His shoes always make noise. Very loud, obnoxious noise, whether it's his orange flips-flops or black shoes that squeak as though they're sopping wet, even when they're dry. He has a high, effeminate voice, with a slight lisp and an almost Valley-girl accent. If I didn't like to throw such accusations around lightly, I'd say he was a closet homosexual. But since I don't, I won't. Once he wore blue, all blue, and it scared the daylights out of me. But the next day he was safely back in orange.