16 Oct 2007

In response to Beckoir

Yes, I know my mother was a prostitute. I often witnessed her with various “uncles”. She’s not the most discreet, yet one of the biggest snobs I’ve ever met. She’s pretentious and selfish, and not the most endearing. But she is fun and people love her vivacity. I don’t know who my father is, but I assume that I am the result of one of the unions my mother enjoyed.


Jon said...

From what I seen and read so far, the character Lily should be a mousy, timid librarian by day who changes at night into a vivasious man-teasing but at the same time man-hating bitch who seduces men into whatever they desire to be when with her. I hope this doesn't sound complete bollocks but that's the feeling I'm getting.

Anonymous said...

The greatest factor in alcoholism is early exposure to alcohol. The earlier a kid starts drinking, the more likely s/he is to become alcoholic.

This could be a parent giving a toddler beer because they think it's funny, or a mother spiking a bottle to get the baby to go to sleep, or an elementary school-age kid sneaking drinks out of glasses left sitting around after a party, or just sneaking alcohol from the parents' liquor cabinet because drinking appears to be attractive and the parents seem to really like it.