27 Oct 2007

I live in a village called Axworth.

Its beautiful, and although it buzzes with tourism it maintains a certain amount of calm. It´s certainly a charming place. I live in a lovely cottage of whitewashed stone which helps protect from the elements. I overlook the sea from the kitchen and have balcony doors which open out onto a small terrace - big enough to entertain, but small enough to be cosy. This often inspires me when I´m cooking. The den also overlook the sea, as does our bedroom. the guest room looks onto the cobbled streets below.

I love this old cottage. It embarrasses me that it was bought for me, but at least I can call it home. The only problem is the noise. I see Mr and Mrs Sanderson looking askew at times and I'm sure they've heard the furore but are too polite to say anything. Thats how it works around here. It is a fishing village after all. The couple on the other side only stay here at weekends and holidays. They live in the city the rest of the time, in some busy overworked career. Sometimes I envy their seemingly placid and dull lives...

The village is based around a church, but of course I don´t attend. My neighbours don´t either which surprises me in the case of the Sandersons. We have lots of local shops and markets, and have managed to stay away from souvenir shops. Our charm is our food. Once I´d visited here, i knew i had to live here. It was a dream come true.

Well, the summer is just about to arrive and of course, this means longer hours, more socialising and more opportunities for Max to lose control. No matter. We´ll see what the summer brings.

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Anonymous said...

sounds beautiful... could the close-knit community have a adverse effect on someone as emotionally unstable as Max? If he feels his problems are under the microscope might Max begin to let his paranoia rise the surface and using the crutch of driking more and more?