16 Oct 2007

A suggestion for rebecca's problem

Anonymous said...

I think that Rebecca is having liver failure. She donated part of her liver to her son, because of his ongoing alcoholism. She is having trouble finding a match

15 October 2007 20:20

Do you think this would work?


jillox said...

i think lily should be a cook! artists are far too over rated! a high-class prostitute is nothing to be proud of only someone who charges more for sucking and fucking, nothing big nor glamerous in that, and i think her partner should have been a female to male transexual.

graceie said...

I think Lily should run a catering company. She thrives under pressure and with catering, especially weddings she sees stable couples (unlike her mother) which can trigger various emotions.

M. said...

I could see Lily as more of a personal cook, who caters to smaller parties and events. Her childhood would alienate her from most social interactions, so I easily imagine a preference to work alone.

The idea of liver failure is excellent. It would provide an interesting response from her son. I wonder if he'd experience feelings of guilt?