16 Oct 2007

The Breezyweek interview

Breezyweek: Where is she? When is she? Is she rich or poor?

Lily: I live in London in 2007. I have enough money to live and treat myself.

Breezyweek: Does she go by her own surname or her partner's?

Lily: My name is Lily Alders. My partner is Max Davies. Even if I married I would keep my own name.

Breezyweek: What nationality is she? What race? What age?

Lily: My mother is English, but her surname is Dutch in origin. My mother is very secretive about her past and I know nothing about my family, including my father, outside of my relationship with my mother and my siblings.

Breezyweek: Does she work? At what? Is she a cook-from-the-start homemaker or a working career woman?

Lily: My career is currently other. More suggestions are required. But I have decided that I work from home. PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL.

Breezyweek: Do they have children? Does she have children separately from this partner?

Lily: I have no children.

Breezyweek: When you say alcoholic are you talking wall-falling pink-elephant-seeing down-and-out or someone depressed and selfish maintaining a mean little habit?

Lily: alcoholic meaning will self destruct and ruin work, relationships, health…with little or no control.

Breezyweek: Does she have a drink problem herself? Does she drink at all? Does she smoke?

Lily: I do drink, and will get drunk, but no drink problem. Do I smoke? YOU DECIDE

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