27 Nov 2007

Max´s mother

OK. His mother was originally going to have also tried to commit suicide and be a drunk. Now however, there is no need for her in the story. The poor woman is redundant. So, do you think it would be convincing for her to have successfully committed suicide...it is a story of hope despite the dark topic, and this way Max can have a chance to get his drinking in order and put things right...thoughts please!


FPDuck said...

If her presence is not necessary to the story, then yes suicide would be convincing, and may be the shock to the system that Max needs. Especially if she died because of drink.


Graceie said...

Are 2 suicides too much (or too redundant?) Maybe Max's mom could just die of complications from alcohol (liver failure, alcohol poisoning, driving while drunk and hitting a tree, etc.) Those are much more realistic endings to being an alcoholic and the statistics point to those as being probable deaths. I guess I wouldn't buy more than one character in a book trying suicide, but a death to an alcoholic would seem much more natural to me. Hope this helps :)