8 Nov 2007

What is my street called?

My cottage is 300 years old, overlooking the sea from up high on the cliffs.

It is in the north of England in the fictional village of Axworth. What is it called?


FPDuck said...

Cliff Row?

I just had a quick look on Google Maps, and a few places had cliff side roads called [village] Bank Road. So Axworth Bank Road could also be a possibility.


Graceie said...

In one of the towns near me we have:
Cliff Walk Drive
Cliff Drive
Cliff Terrace
Sea View Drive
Beach Avenue
Lake View Avenue
Ledge Road
Ocean Avenue
Price's Cove Road (aka Pirate's Cove Road)
Ridge Road

I tried to think of some that could be used for practical street names as well as mysterious street names
Hope this inspires something
graceie :)