15 Dec 2007

nano is over but what about the following:

My MC used to work for a restaurant but now works on her own... i thought there would be more about food in the book than there is currently - how important do you think mentioning the reasons behind the switch to working for herself is?


FPDuck said...

I don't think mentioning the reasons are particularly important, but have them ready for a quick mention if need be. I feel most people would be rather terse about their reasons- "I didn't get along with my boss." Or- "I felt it was time to branch out on my own."

Usually that's enough to sate the curiosity of others. Unless the previous job was really bad. Then she might like a good moan.

It may appear naturally in conversation, as an anecdote for advice, or answering someone's questions.


Anonymous said...

surely you should be asking whather the food bit is important? seems that way anyway!