9 Feb 2008

Can I really start a novel with the word fuck?

1. Do you think I would lose an audience because of it, or do you think they´d be thankful for a book with balls?

2. Is it realistic, or is it trying too hard?

3. Are there any other books out there that start with fuck as a first word?


christopher nosnibor said...

I'd say go for it.

I know writing and film are entirely different media, but it didn't harm 'Four Weddings and a Funeral.'

Besides, there are so many novels out there, throwing whatever you've got at the opening line to grab the attention of the reader (in whatever capacity) can only work to your advantage...

Good luck!

Douglas said...

Yes you can. If you believe the use of the word is warranted and not gratuitous, you can.

Hope that helps,


ho//ace said...

i think it's a perfect word!

seems that the radio in Belgium likes it with the new song i'm working on... so... who knows! seems like you will find your audience no matter what.

a work being good is in your own heart, i believe.

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't too crass, but I remember not to long ago I read a book that began with "Shit." The plot was that something was going wrong and the MC was frustrated. I'm trying to find the title of the book for you. It really shocked me into paying attention to the book. I wanted to see what was actually going on with the MC. I guess you could say it got me hooked. Glad to see you're back!